Mobile data access in Canada

Thomas Purves has written about how badly we're being screwed for data access by our three mobile operators in Canada, and many people agree. He's completely right, mobile data access is way too expensive to be generally useful. Even SMS is expensive at $0.15 (increased from $0.10 after our five carriers consolidated down to three).

I make do with a wi-fi-enabled mobile phone, but unfortunately wi-fi is not really a viable mobile alternative. Open hot-spots are few and far between (or offered by the same three amigos and priced so as not to compete with their mobile data). I'd happily pay the flat $29/month for Toronto Hydro's OneZone, but I'm rarely inside the coverage area and it's (by many accounts and in my own personal experience) barely usable anyway.

Canada is a great place to live for many reasons, most of which are more important than wireless data access. But the rest of the world is at the beginning of a mobile internet boom that Canadians are generally not taking part in. Who knows how many more would-be entrepreneurs from our flourishing local tech scene might be developing innovative mobile apps if they only had the opportunity to be inspired? It's no wonder all the innovation in the mobile space comes from elsewhere.

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