EC2 on Rails version 0.9.8 available

UPDATE: it's now, there was a small update to the RubyGem. The new gem uses the same AMI's.

EC2 on Rails version 0.9.8 is now available (or will be in a few hours when the RubyForge servers are synced). This is a recommended update for everyone.

It includes some major new features:

  • monit monitoring daemon: monitors mysqld, apache, memcached, mongrels, system load and free drive space
  • incremental MySQL backup (important for large databases)
  • Apache SSL support
  • a local Postfix SMTP server enabled by default

And most importantly this fixes the problem with broken Ubuntu package updates which was caused by a missing repository in the list of repositories.

As I mentioned yesterday, the base image is now built using Eric Hammond's EC2 Ubuntu script.

Also, there are major new features such as incremental MySQL backup (important for large databases), Apache SSL support, and a local Postfix SMTP server enabled by default.

My priorities now are:

  1. Release an update based on Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy (this version is still using Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy because I wanted to provide a reliable update as quickly as possible due to bug #20040. But now that the base image is built with Eric Hammond's script it should be easy to update to Hardy.)
  2. Create complete documentation.
  3. Release a 100% bug-free version 1.0 with the current feature-set. Please help by reporting any bugs you find, either using the RubyForge bug tracker or by email.


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