How to rename a Chef node

It's not possible to change the name of a Chef node that already exists. But you can effectively do this by deleting the node on the Chef server and re-creating it, which is not actually as scary as it sounds, here's how.

[Chef server] means do this step on the Chef server (or Hosted Chef), and [node] means do it on your server, the node you're renaming.

  1. [Chef server] delete the node
  2. [Chef server] delete the client for the node
  3. [Node] delete /etc/chef/client.pem
  4. [Node] edit /etc/chef/client.rb and add node_name "new-name"
  5. [Node] run chef-client
  6. [Chef server] edit the newly created node:
    1. set the run list
    2. set the environment
  7. [Node] run chef-client

Remember that a Chef node name must match the pattern /^[\-[:alnum:]_:.]+$/.

If you've gone to the trouble of setting a descriptive node name you might find it convenient to use that as the hostname as well. Chef on Rails, my Chef repo for deploying a standard Rails app, has a recipe to do just that.


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