Paul Dowman

I help software development succeed. I help lead the App Platform at Shopify.

I like adventures and I like solving problems. In my 25 year career I have built many products, led software development teams, and built a successful company that became well known in our niche (and won a Toronto Board of Trade Business Excellence Award too). I have created popular open source projects, organized conferences with hundreds of people, built a successful training program, and built trust with all whom I have done business with.

Give me a goal and I'll make it happen.

I'm the organizer of the Assert(js) conference, a co-organizer of TorontoJS, organizer of GraphQL Toronto and other events.

I occasionally consider small consulting engagements.

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NOVEMBER 10, 2019

Shutting down OK GROW! and joining Shopify

The time has come for me to move on to something new, and OK GROW! is no more. Thank you to our clients, and to our amazing team. My focus…