Paul Dowman

I solve business problems with technology.

I solve the unique challenges you’re facing with your software engineering processes, tools, and team.

I apply systems thinking and decades of software engineering experience towards helping you increase the quality, increase the velocity, and reduce the cost of your software development. Providing value to your customers is what drives your business, not writing code. But “software is eating the world” and I help you stay at the top of the food chain. I can help your team build with larger building blocks, stay on top of best practices, stay excited about building value, and become more attractive to new talent.

How I can help

I advise and consult. If there’s a metric in your business that you need to improve then let’s talk. I will propose a plan with positive return on investment.

I have a strong engineering and product background, and in my 25-year professional career I have had success with:

  • Leading great local and remote software engineering teams.
  • Hiring, coaching & mentoring engineers to meet their full potential.
  • API architecture and implementation (Microservices, GraphQL, REST).
  • Cloud architecture and implementation.
  • Implementing test-driven development and Agile processes such as example mapping and BDD.
  • Creating high-quality products that start with design thinking.
  • Creating and implementing successful training programs.
  • Creating successful open source initiatives.
  • Technical due diligence.
  • Finding high-quality vendors that become valuable partners.
  • Working with unclear requirements to crystalize an objective.
  • Leading teams to stay excited and passionate about doing high quality work that furthers the organization’s mission.

Background and qualifications

  • Founded OK GROW!, a software development consulting company.
  • Director of Technology & development lead at a startup with a successful exit.
  • Software developer at Intuit, member of the core development team that designed, built & launched the first online version of Turbotax in Canada.
  • Organizer of conferences, including Assert(js), GraphQL Day Toronto, and local events including TorontoJS, StartupDrinksTO, and GraphQL Toronto.