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MARCH 10, 2024

Platforms, features and experiments

How to think about investments in software architecture.

AUGUST 01, 2023

A structured way to think about in-office vs remote

Most remote vs office discussion is polarized and lacking nuance, so here's an attempt to lay out a set of things to consider which would be better for *your* company.

MAY 25, 2023

Why I hated the BlackBerry (or, "how to avoid a local maximum")

A poorly-implemented but correctly-aimed product can iterate it’s way to success much more easily than a polished product that’s aimed in the wrong direction.

DECEMBER 13, 2022

Permissionless public infrastructure

Permissionless public infrastructure - why we need open state, open execution, and open programmability.

OCTOBER 02, 2022

Shopify's project-oriented way of working

Why Shopify has more effective engineering than most companies.

SEPTEMBER 14, 2022

What a high performing team looks like

High performing software development teams ship quickly with no blockers.

MARCH 26, 2022

Working across time zones

A truly effective distributed team leans into asynchronous communication.

MAY 16, 2021

Handshake: a decentralized DNS root naming system

Handshake is creating an alternative to existing certificate authorities and DNS root naming systems.

MAY 01, 2021

How to make and give Bitcoin gift cards

How to securely make and give nice Bitcoin gift cards, similar to paper wallets but safer!

MARCH 13, 2021

All-in on remote work: moving to the mountains!

I’m all-in on remote work, permanently. I’m moving to Canmore, Alberta, Canada.

JULY 18, 2020

JUNE 26, 2020

Scaling yourself: meeting or async?

Here's a guide to scaling your calendar and your company!

MAY 09, 2020

Effective remote pair programming

Pair programming is an old idea that’s counter-intuitive but refuses to go away because it actually works. And it can work just as well remotely so here are some tips.

NOVEMBER 10, 2019

Shutting down OK GROW! and joining Shopify

The time has come for me to move on to something new, and OK GROW! is no more.

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