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All-in on remote work: moving to the mountains!

I’m all-in on remote work, permanently. I’m moving to Canmore, Alberta, Canada.

Canmmore photo

(Photo credit: Daniel Patterson)

I have worked remotely off and on since 2002. I ran a remote-first company for years, though we were small. And now that Shopify has been remote for a year it’s clear to me that it works at scale too.

Not only does it work, but it’s so successful that I’m comfortable using it as a filter for all future opportunities.

There are challenges to be sure, but the degree to which a company solves those and fully embraces the solutions is a signal for how well they manage in general.

I’ll miss many things about Toronto. I have been very involved in the tech scene there since the early 2000’s (anyone remember TorCamp and DemoCamp?), and in the 2010’s as an organizer of TorontoJS, GraphQL Toronto, and some Toronto-based conferences (AssertJS and GraphQL Day Toronto). But most of the tech community is online, and I’m looking forward to meeting interesting tech & business folk in Canmore. If that’s you, send me a message and let’s get in touch!

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